Bedside Ultrasound - Level 1

Dr. Peter Steinmetz

Online Access For Supplemental Videos



This is the online companion to the textbook "Bedside Ultrasound - Level 1" by Dr. Peter Steinmetz (A-line Press).

Please access the supplemental videos by selecting a chapter heading and then choosing the video number and title that corresponds to the textbook video caption. Chapters 1 and 3 do not have supplemental videos.


System Requirements

Windows: QuickTime player is needed to play the videos. The installer is available from Apple support.

Mac: QuickTime is pre-installed on Mac computers, but it's possible that an out of date Safari plug-in could interfere with video playback. If you experience a problem, try updating your Safari extensions for video playback. For example, DivX Plus Web Player HTML5


Peter Steinmetz

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